Class Schedule

The Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative offers a wide variety of classes in different mediums. 

TUESDAY 2:00 - 4:30 pm​   ONE STROKE PAINTING with Cherrie Platt

New officers 2016

New and re-appointed officers for 2016-18 were announced at The Caladium Arts and Crafts Co-operative in Lake Placid. Members elected the new board at their quarterly dinner/business meeting on Thursday, April 21. This was the last quarterly meeting for their calendar year.

Passionate Painter Popularizes Pollack & Picasso

Kid's Classes To Make Mom & Pop Smile!

A Spring Membership Drive

Practiced Principals Prepare Praiseworthy Presentation

February Artist of The Month

Another Person's Treasure

Knot Bags, and Totems, and Birds, Oh My!

Seasonal Secret: Several Suitable Surreptitious Santas Sought


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