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New officers 2016

New and re-appointed officers for 2016-18 were announced at The Caladium Arts and Crafts Co-operative in Lake Placid. Members elected the new board at their quarterly dinner/business meeting on Thursday, April 21. This was the last quarterly meeting for their calendar year.

New officers are Joni Warner, President; Michelle Weidner, Vice President; Maureen Fulginiti, Secretary; Joanne Abel, Treasurer. Committee chairpersons are Gayle Wilkins, Advertising/Promotion; Peggy Taylor, Interior Decorating/Window Design; Tracey Cozad, Historian; Vince Connell, Special Events/Fund Raisers; Phyllis Klepser, Calendar and Cherrie Platt, Classes. As founders of the co-op, Harriet Porter and Carol Mills, are life time board members. The remaining board members are out-going president, Judy Nicewicz; member-at-large, Linda Carr.

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