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CACC Membership

Membership Questions & Answers

Q.   Who may be a member of the Co-op? Do you need to live in Lake Placid to join?

A.    Anyone who would like to create and sell their arts/crafts in a clean and professional setting may join. You do not need to live in Lake Placid to join.


Q.   Who owns/operates the Co-op? What is its legal status? What is the fiscal year?

A.    The Co-op is owned and operated by the members. It is designated a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a Florida not-for-profit organization. The fiscal year and memberships run from May 1st through April 30th.


Q.   What are the benefits of being a member?

A.    In addition to being able to sell your arts/crafts at the Co-op, you may attend all meetings, vote at regular and special meetings, hold office and chair committees. Members also receive a $1.00 discount on all classes they take at the Co-op.


Q.   What arts/crafts may members sell at the Co-op. Are arts and crafts juried?

A.    Art/crafts offered for sale at the Co-op must be at least 50% artist/crafter made. All items are juried by Co-op members before placement on the showroom floor. Out-of-town artists/crafters must bear the return cost of any items rejected as not meeting Co-op standards.


Q.   If I sell things through the Co-op, may I also sell merchandise elsewhere?

A.    Yes. The Co-op Bylaws were changed in 2014 to allow for sales elsewhere.


Q.   How often are artists/crafters paid?

A.    Monthly checks are mailed to artists/crafters for their sold items.


Q.   Do you have to pay to be a member and if so, how much? Are there member “work” obligations and how much do members receive from their sales?

A.    Annual dues are $150 (see exceptions*). The different categories of membership, annual member work obligations and co-op member "split" for sales are:

                                                                                                             TO ARTIST

Adult artist/crafter (64 counter hours; 16 activity hours) .............................75%
Adult "employed" artist/crafter: (32 counter hours; 8 activity hours)

                                                                           *Dues: $212.50............. 75%

Student artist/crafter age 18 or younger (16 showroom hours)

                                                                             *Dues: $0.00.............. 75%

Associate Member (counter or activity hours not required) may not sell things

                                                                             *Dues $25.00............. N/A


Use the CONTACT tab on the home page to request or come in & pick-up the Membership Application. The application along with a non-refundable jury fee of $5.00 and 3 examples of your work will begin the process of becoming a Co-op member.



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