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Caladium Co-op 2nd place winners in the Caladium Decorating Contest

The Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative, at 132 E. Interlake Blvd., took home second place for a distinctive window display as well as the caladium plantings in front of its building.

Co-op member Michelle Weidner created the window display that can be seen from the street.

“We wanted to go caladium all the way,” she said. “We are artists here so I wanted to do something gigantic.”

Weidner created a painter’s palette out of white board, using various colored buckets to represent the paint, some of which were filled with caladiums, and colorful pool noodles for the paintbrushes. She noted that she kept the cost down by using free items that she found and items purchased from the local Dollar Tree.





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