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Rag Rugs classes

New Class March 24th!!

Pre-Registration is required - Call the Co-op to reserve your space! (863-699-5940

You will learn how to make sheet yarn from sheets, how to make the stitches, how to start and finish a rag rug. Plus many more details, personalized attention and instruction. There will  samples to look at and inspire you. During the 4 hour class you will not complete your rag rug, but you will be far enough along to be able to complete it at home. Don’t worry Erin is just an email away if you need help.

Class only $25.00 or Class with rag rug hook is $40.00*



Supply List:

1) 2 sheets minimum (depending on the size rug you may use as many as 3 or 4 sheets to complete your rug)  Sheets should be 100% cotton, percale or a minimum of 50% cotton *NO synthetic sheets

2) A good pair of scissors (It is recommended that you use a sharpie to mark your scissors)

3) One crochet hook (size N, O, P or Q) Boye makes a good hook

*If you are paying for the hook & class you will have your choice of a handmade rag rughook




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